Basic Considerations – Empathy for Stupidity

By assertion of self-motived maturation toward an evolving enlightened development, the differentiated personality perseveres toward a selfless transformation. With the advent of the “selfie” fixation of arrogant ignorance, in a post-modern age of inexperienced “expertise”, the challenges remain curiously fascinating. For the mature individual, self-improvement is one of liberated self-reliance and pursuit of open-minded transformation in becoming a wiser more learned version than the original template.

As illusions fade away, mythologies exposed and magical thinking disappears, the authentic disposition of a character made whole reveres the essential nature of self-ascendency. However, along the way of the personal adventure, trials and testing provoke a sense of wonderment at how others remain in their juvenile, albeit immature, state of devolution, or de-evolution, or whatever you want to make of it. For a simplistic basis of preliminary observation, the perception of stupidity is an apt descriptor.

Nonetheless, the evolving personality considers the humility of suffering the foolishness of those less motivated, regressive and disposed to debasing self-pity. Among the many in that primal spatial reference, selfishness and unmerited entitlement exude the many expressions of commonplace existence. By contrast, a non-anxious, well-differentiated presence in one’s self-confidence about life and death, is one in which there is empathetic responsiveness to others who are less evolving.

All around, in every aspect of societal intercourse, from “info-psychobabble” to electoral “poly-babble”, and alleged journalism of every kind, one observes the primordial temperament of excessive emotionalism and anti-intellectualism. Of which, horrendous fallacies of inference, masquerading as pretenses to factuality and scientific validation, easily teleport discourse to a realm of unsubstantiated conjecture. In the unevolved conformity of “herd thinking”, simplistic storytelling deceptively fits the fictions of biased viewpoints into mainstream acceptability.

In the process of “keeping it simple stupid”, most people do not want to change, nor do they desire to think analytically. They relish in the self-centeredness of quick and easy conclusions about the most complex issues of life. Most often, the facts are trumped by fictitiousness with preference for a more child-like approach to living.

The more one transforms himself or herself, the more others appear stifled by their own stagnation. Those inclined toward blaming the “forces of evil”, with an array of simpleminded excuses, or unimaginative explanations about causation, and foolishly crafted alibis, embrace an “afflicted sense of victimization”. In the meantime, the few who tirelessly persist in their private revolution, reasonably and rationally assess the rampant “psycho-babble” that infects entire cultures. In the debasing projections of ideological stupidity, patience and understanding are exercised judiciously.

By exhibitions of immaturity in belief systems, and failures of higher thinking in logical processes, an illusionary world of faulty conclusions perpetrates the degradation of the human species. For the sake of subjective validation, immature participants in any communal interaction will default to the trouble-free rubric of grasping anything that supports selfish perspectives. There are no limits to the social levels of stupidity. With that, current research increasingly suggests the gradual loss of intellectual progress in favor of emotional regress. Such actualities are not positive for humankind.

Take a moment and think about the last time you engaged in an intellectual analysis involving provocative conversation. How well informed were the participants? Was it emotional or rational? Was it a setting in which you, along with others, seriously rationalized from the facts, evidence, and real-world applications, in something akin to a problem solving debate? Beyond the customary “good morning how are you?” superficiality of the workplace, what conversations have transpired relative to addressing significant socio-economic and political issues.

Alternatively, where was it that issues instigated in-depth application of reason through logical deduction by healthy skepticism in proving the factuality of conjecture? Other than usual pontifications based on emotion laden fallacies of inference, when did you last enjoy the profound sense of enlightenment in mature interaction? Sadly, in all likelihood, those kinds of experiences are rare. In addition, presently, there are emerging studies in genetic research that offer gloomy prospects for human civilization.

Initially, certain influential watchers of human behavior have considered a tentative stupidity early warning system. For instance, primarily, at the outset of most encounters, one must never underestimate the collective emotional influence, and eventual foolish application of group cohesion for implementing stupid behaviors.

In the instance of a particular debate, or discussion, more frequently competent and material issues of evidentiary discovery are readily overlooked. More often than not, the broad perspective of “critical thinking” deteriorates quickly to the emotional outlets of self-satiation in immediate gratification. Subjective validation, in a twisted sense of “hope springs eternal” for the “best of all worlds”, in simplistic rationalization, digresses to undertones of mean-spirited accusations. Whether cunningly couched in clever language, or overtly taunted in confrontational blather, most discussions avoid the hard tasks of proof through facts. Deep thinking requires significant effort.

Many are unwilling, especially among politicians, pundits and the public, in any given assembly, to expend the diligence in processes of logical deduction. Cognitive bias heavily reinforced by selfishness, along with lazy, unmotivated and mundane participants, can be counted on to purposely act in foolish ways. Desiring dull, ordinary, routine, imprecise and sluggish responsiveness are “mindsets” preferred by many. Cowardly reactive to the profound depths of an extraordinary sense of self-discovery, and to be a truly free thinkers, most would rather criticize than analyze.

To embrace the uniqueness of human nature, and maturely explore the possibilities of personal transformation, has devolved an all too frightening prospect for many. Becoming an extraordinary well-differentiated being, quite liberated from the original “self-template”, remains elusive except for a few. As such, a majority in any given situation collude to the herded acquiescence of “group think”. Of which, given the vast numbers of adherents to supernatural obsessions, a healthy sense of growth and development regresses to a more stagnant level of existence.

However, for the few brave ones, working diligently, studying hard the lessons of life, forsaking the “victimization of excuses”, some persevere. Regardless of socio-economic and political level, overcoming the stresses and hardships of humanness, in the face of eventual death, some take risks to live courageously. Yet, by contrast, most willfully choose the well-beaten path of gluttonous self-indulgence. Self-evolution, in the liberated distinction of personal revolution to higher realms of “mindful” creativity, is a journey many evade. Large numbers would rather escape in the betrayal of the species in the most foolishly contrived means of selfishness. Stupidity is the act of self-indulgence whereby others must incur the injury or costs perpetrated by the arrogance.

Many to avoid the responsibility of selfless ascension to the infinity of mindful creativity, and achievement evolved enlightenment. That is to say, to become changed by the experiences of life, in order that individuality would be set free. To the contrary and in nearly every social exchange, the climb to mount the mature essence of accountability, and by linkage its responsibility, most stumble into dismal digressions. Emotional satiation devours the nature of thoughtful higher realms, and sucks divine creativity in the vile cannibalism of emancipated transformation.

Such juvenile antics are potentially dangerous and, given the selfish realm of politicians, instigate devolving and debasing social policies. In addition, a subset set linkage to this primary postulation ought to be quickly framed in the context of any human information source. That is, test the assertion against the evidence. Discern whether or not such matters are associated with reality. Ensure viability of associated artifacts. Rest assured, no matter who you are, what you think you know there may also be the truth. Scientifically driven validation is essential to ascending maturity.

From this perspective on human devolution that is expressed in many forms of stupidity, additional typologies, as well as levels, are fomented on an individual basis. Typically, regardless of how seemingly “educate” one purports to be, there is always a high probability for the conjuration of foolish fallacies of inference. These are frequently embraced for the satiation of personal emotional immaturity. An example is the tenacity of the unevolved person who persists in constant conversation disruption.

Their debasing neediness hungers for attention, and hedonistically, they assert their foolishness instances by not allowing a potentially promising conversation to progress. Attention, they yell from the hidden voice of the pseudo self, or perhaps many pieces of the fractured self, and quench the desire to digress into selfish projections of stupid biases. At any rate, the war inside goes on, and becomes intense over a lifetime. Most will not achieve the climb of their “hierarchy of needs”.

A few have postulated or at least ruminated mournfully, the dismissal dystopic prospects of humanities future. Factually, it has been studied that an aggregate of American culture reflects a gluttonous and grotesque willful acceptance of deceitful submissive. It is as if an entire society wishes the degradation of a “sadomasochistic” subservience to those perceived in powerful and authoritative.

By so doing, salacious primordial carnality can be maintained at a mundane and non-productive level. Whether by corporate collusion and political profiteering, vast numbers of the social “collective” forsake their transformative ascension. Over time, a less informed public, a consumptive less creative conformity, will hasten a declining analytic capacity, and regress toward extinction. For the not so enlightened oligarchy, the small percentage of the “inbred” manipulators, diverse forms of “modern slavery” is preferable in order that power and control remain vested in a select few.

For the mass marketers, the economic schemers of wide spread “psychobabble”, ignorance is amatively invigorating. Why be smart, when stupid works, and consummation expands, whether ideological or material. The herd is happy when they are well-fed, well-groomed and easily satiated by simplistic solutions to everything. It’s about the template of the simplistic. As in “criminal profiling”, previously based on social theory of one particular school of societal speculation. Not to forget of course, the emotional appeal of myriad spinoffs of “getting inside the mind”.

Fairytales, myths, magic and foolish metaphors abound. For an illusion, how do you get inside something that doesn’t exist? Be careful, you don’t want to upset the populace too much because competing forces might sway them.

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